How To Stay Positive During The Pandemic!

by Project Compound

The start of the pandemic took us all by surprise. We did not know how to react, how to behave, and what consequences there would be. Not being able to go outside, meet with friends and family, or continue with our regular lives started to have a negative impact on our lives.

From the beginning of time, we have always had the freedom of going anywhere with anyone we wanted. That has given us a sense of power and serenity that was stolen by this pandemic. That, added to the constant fear of being exposed to the virus and its detrimental effects has had significant repercussions on our mental health.

However, if humans are known for something, is for their power to adapt to any environment. In these difficult times, many have shared their methods of keeping themselves calm, happy, and peaceful, even if the world around us sometimes feel as if it is falling apart.

Although it is not possible to have big meetings and parties with our loved people, meeting online is a great way of dealing with our problems. Long video calls and messages have been recurrent as part of our new daily routines. It will be extremely rewarding to get in touch with those who live far away and to strengthen relationships with those who live close to us.

Art is also a way of releasing frustrations and anger during the pandemic. Plenty of people who are stuck at home should see this as an opportunity to reconnect with their love for art, whether that means painting, crafting, writing, or designing among many others. Being able to create something, regardless of its shape or style, is a fantastic way of reawakening our passions, of proving to ourselves that we can make something beautiful, and maybe, of getting to know ourselves even better.

Something which is of great help for our mental health is exercising to avoid becoming sedentary. The pandemic has limited is our options of going for a jog, or playing football. However, that should not stop anyone from establishing their gyms at home and venting from everything happening around them. It is the perfect time for those who had not exercised before to start a routine to stay healthy.

Lastly, one way to pass time and stay positive is by putting work into your future. It could be by means of doing an online course, researching on a topic you think will be useful for you, or even starting your own business. There is nothing better than seeing how your efforts will be worth it and how they will benefit you later in your life.

Regardless of what brings us peace during the pandemic, what we need to realize is that many people are experiencing the same things that we experience. We do not have to feel alone or insecure. Instead, embracing change and using this time to grow and to find what truly makes us happy is what we really need to prioritize.

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