Why Your Retail Store Requires a Mobile App

by Sufyan Jogiyat

We live in a world where shopping behaviours and trends are drastically changing. Customers increasingly prefer mobile apps since they are easily accessible, and retailers can also adapt to them quickly.

In the recent past, especially during such unprecedented times, more businesses have been working on mobile products. This also helps increase revenue by creating an online shopping experience for the customers that feel just as personalized even outside of the physical stores.

For the longest time, the ability of mobile apps was overlooked until recent times. Not only does it build the business online, but it also helps in boosting the brick-and-mortar stores. Since they have many significant features, they can boost customer loyalty and provide support to a great extent.

Another main advantage of these mobile apps is that not only customers benefit from them, but even managers and business owners gain from them.

What is a Retail Mobile App?

It is an application that is specifically customized to use for wireless and compact devices such as smartphones. It brings the customers an in-store experience that was earlier only available on the computers and laptops.

The evolution of apps has made this possible, and it has only helped businesses build their customer loyalty. It is a new kind of experience for the customers, and they have been adapting to it easily. They can buy products on a mobile app and get them collected at home, or the store is a convenience that most customers enjoy.

Why Do Retailers Need Mobile Apps?

Customer experience is the priority today, and the fact that these mobile apps are not as expensive is only an added advantage. Most retailers understand that customer’s convenience is very pivotal in a retail business. Hence, these mobile apps offer them a way to relate to their customers and provide a personalised experience.

According to surveys, there has been an increase in online orders since the beginning of March 2020. The current situation has made customers swift from physical stores to e-commerce stores. If retailers can invest more time and money in these mobile apps, they can benefit from it.

And, this is why a retail mobile app is essential.

Reasons Retail Stores Require a Mobile Application

  • Mobile is the customer’s first screen

Although there are many mobile websites, having a mobile app is more responsive and has fewer connectivity issues. There is a high dependence on mobile phones in the world that we live in compared to any other gadget. Every person in a family would have a mobile phone, but not every family has a computer or other devices.

Customer loyalty is a very important aspect of any business’s success. A mobile app that comes in handy and provides a lot of convenience for the customers will turn them into brand advocates that will increase their loyalty and enhance the brand image.

Over the years, customers have always preferred products that are customized to their liking. Hence, having a mobile app that has a personalized experience will satisfy the customers and make it easier for the retailers to track their preferences and send them products and gift vouchers accordingly. This will also ensure that they will keep coming back since convenience and personalization are extremely preferred.

  • Unique shopping experience

Having a good shopping experience will eventually lead to customer satisfaction. Most customers use these mobile apps to compare prices and compare reviews since they always look for good quality products at the best price. One way to give customers this satisfying shopping experience is to provide an omnichannel experience. This will give the retailers an upper competitive edge and give the customers the satisfaction of having bought the best product at the best price available.

Meeting the customer’s demand is directly proportional to the business’ growth. Also, mobile shoppers can make double purchases on the apps, which also help in increasing sales.

Another key advantage of having a mobile app is this additional feature called the Push Notification. It enables people to send and push promotional messages that can be used to remind customers about the items that have been on the cart for a long time, a new product line launch, a preferred product by them that is back on stock, a new collection, discounts, flash sales and many other things can be updated instantly.

Since these features attract the customer`s attention more easily, there is also a higher open rate for these messages than the emails. These apps are also variable on the app store of the mobile phone; hence, people will come across it randomly and still find it interesting.

  • Can be Used by Managers and Business Owners

Mobile is just as useful to the business owners as it is to the customers. The first and foremost is inventory management, tracking orders in one of the app’s best features. With this option, the managers can easily allocate field representatives wherever required.

All this will help increase delivery management greatly since it is also one of the criteria for customer satisfaction. From the analytical aspects, it will also be useful for the managers to track the numbers and identify their errors. This will help identify the most crucial part of the business and work better in its entire operations.

One of the best features of a mobile app is that it has made payment easier than ever. As an in-built feature, it has many advantages, like using the phone’s camera to allow QR code and credit card scanning and saving your transaction and card details safely.

All these are other great ways to improve customer experience and prove indispensable if the retailer plans to work on their in-store features. It is also extremely convenient since the retailers can also easily keep track of their payments. In recent times, these apps also have self-checkouts that make it easier for retailers to fulfil physical checkout functions at a very minimal cost.

  • A Boon for Small Retail Businesses

Small retail businesses always look for visibility since they have just begun. And, having a mobile app will improve the reach to a larger group of audiences. It is also a great way to build your brand identity from the very beginning.

Considering these mobile apps are not as expensive, it will be a great way to expand your market. This will also help to streamline the sales process and allow multiple channels of communication with the customers.

As much as the customers hugely welcome these mobile apps, it is also important to look at the profit margin since that is the endpoint of any business. In that case, it is proven that these apps have helped in increasing the revenue for businesses.

Key Takeaways

Mobile retail apps have captured significant business revenues and profits for the retailers. This clearly shows that to grow one’s business, it is necessary to keep up with the times and right now, considering the digital age that we live in, it requires businesses to understand the importance of mobile applications.

In simple words, a mobile app makes it convenient for your customer to serve their daily purposes. And on the other hand, allows retailers to keep them engaged.

Kosha Shah is a digital strategist at Technostacks Infotech Which is a top web, software, and mobile app development company in India and USA. She writes engaging blog topics for trends, mobile, and industry software news.

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